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Statamic Add-ons
We make add-ons for Statamic that help developers all around the world.

User-focused powerful web development

Web development that just simply works

We build web applications that are as visually sharp as they are functionally on-point.

Our full-stack web developers love working with you to understand your vision, your users and your goals, and then code to bring your ideas to life - while still being gorgeous to look at, intuitive to use and highly performant.

We build dynamic apps using Laravel, Statamic, Inertia.js and Vue - all the tools to help us be agile, build with quality and reliability in mind, and streamline our development process while never compromising the quality of the end result.

Developed right here in Melbourne, we never outsource our work: we love what we do too much.

When you need developers you can rely on, we're the mity team for you.

How do we do it?


Before we get started on the design or development, we plan.

We take the time to understand your needs, and map out the entire scope of the project. It's like a blueprint for a house and ensures we're all working towards the same common goal.

Planning means we know where we are going - and can effectively streamline the development process to get you a finished project sooner.


Our Australian-based development team take all of the planning details and start to code your project. This includes wireframing, custom design and testing across multiple devices to ensure an incredible user experience, regardless of device.

During the build, we also focus on functionality, and write automated and detailed tests to help ensure your project's business rules are consistently followed.


We test as we build - but also want you to experience your project too. Before we deploy (or "go live") we will share a private link with you to allow you to use, test and explore your investment. Throughout the development process, we'll keep you up-to-date.

When you're happy we've ticked all of your boxes, we can deploy and manage your web app, ensuring it remains snappy, online and backed up.

What is web development?

It's a website, right? Not necessarily... we look at web development as the next step. It could be part of your website, but could also be something standalone too.

We love to use Statamic as our content management system of choice - and being built on Laravel also gives us the capability to expand your site's feature set to do more: maybe connect in with your CRM, securely accept payments or subscriptions online or populate content from a central source. We've got the team to help make Statamic do more.

We're also skilled at developing standalone web apps - basically a website that is a standalone system that does what you need it to do. Maybe it's a portal, an intranet, advanced content and profile management for a social platform or even a booking system marketplace (yep, we've done all of these), your web app is a powerful business tool. We build our apps using Laravel and Inertia.js to create a superb user-focused management experience, while remaining secure, highly performant and reliable.

Web development is when you need your website to do more. Let's chat about what "more" means to you.

What can I expect?


Laravel is a great platform so many web apps. It's a mature, secure and actively-developed framework that gives developers (that's us) the tools needed to create reliable, robust, tested and maintainable code, meaning your project can be long-lasting, flexible and extensible, and ensure a quality return on investment (that's for you).


When your site is predominantly content-based, we may recommend Statamic. Built on top of Laravel, we get all of Laravel's awesomesauce, but also the immense content management flexibility of Statamic. We love extending Statamic's capabilities, and have written a number of Statamic addons.


If online sales is your bread and butter, Shopify might be the ideal choice. With best-in-class online ecommerce features and constant innovation, Shopify is a great foundation for your online business. We can even help integrate Shopify with your custom dev - such as a Laravel app - by writing custom Shopify apps just for you.

It’s vital that you can trust and rely on your development team. Being based in Melbourne, Australia, we’re local, just like you, and never outsource our development work. We love what we do, and apply such care and dedication to every single project. We’ve worked on projects for clients all over Australia, from small single-purpose apps through to advanced and flexible learning management systems.

We pride ourselves on not only the quality of our work, but also our responsiveness. We’re here for you, and available during standard Australian business hours. It’s good to know the team on the other end of the phone line are the ones doing the work.

Our team have written countless lines of code over the years, and have a knack for writing highly performant, reliable and maintainable code: all of the foundations for a long and healthy project.

Do you expect quality and reliability from your web developers? We strive for excellence both during the planning stages, as well as the deployment and on-going support. Contact us to find out about the Mity difference.

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