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Experienced PHP web developers in Melbourne

We love pulling our sleeves up and getting our hands dirty. Dirty with code, at least.

The developers at Mity Digital love nothing more than getting elbow-deep in a custom development project (and even remember to wash our hands before we eat).

A custom web development job is unique to you and your business, and our development team take control from the word go and guide you through our thorough scoping process so that we can evolve your ideas in to a fully-featured site. This ensures that both you and our developers are on the same page throughout the project (even if and when the page count of the scope document hits triple digits).

Our 100% Australian-based developers are experts at what they do - making mity-powerful and fully custom web sites to help you run your business.

Home Carers Direct is a fully custom-developed PHP web application

When your needs are custom, our expert web developers can build to your spec.

  • I need to plug in to an existing system.

    Integrating your site with one of your internal systems can help with automation and save you time.

    Learn about website integration

  • I need a custom e-commerce integration.

    Our developers have hands-on experience integrating with credit cards, BPay and even direct debit.

    Learn about e-commerce integration

  • I need a fully custom web application.

    We can take your idea and build it in to a fully custom web-based application built to your exact functional needs.

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Powerful custom-developed web sites built business-first.

Web development gives your web site the intelligence to do more - something unique, something custom, but ultimately, something that will help your business be more efficient and streamlined.

Our development team have experience working with a range of businesses, from small start ups to large enterprise organisations, and can tackle jobs that are measured in days, weeks or even years.

Mity Digital use PHPStorm for their custom PHP web development

Web developers with a difference.

  • Experience.

    With over 30 years combined experience coding for the web, our developers are constantly furthering their skillset to keep on top of evolving technologies to make sure the right tools are used for your site - both for now, and future up-keep.

  • 100% Australian based.

    We love working with local businesses - and love it when they come to us too. Our developers are all based in Australia, which makes for a great excuse to challenge them to a Mario Kart tournament.

  • Developers with a personality.

    We've all got that stereotype in our head of a code nerd. You can picture it right now, can't you? One of the things we love about our developers is that they know how to communicate - and they love communicating with you too throughout the project.

  • Innovative and reliable

    Our developers listen to your requirements, and work with you to enhance and refine your workflows to make running your business easier. We then put it in to practice with robust and reliable coding experience to make something truly beautiful.

Quality custom development that makes your web site work hard for your business.

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We are experts in web design too.

Your brand new and brilliantly built custom web site needs to also look good and feel good to use.

Our developers are not only talented code monkeys but also experts in making your web site look its best. From the visual design through to ensuring your site works seamlessly on desktops and smartphones (and everything in between), our development team know how to make your web site do some pretty amazing things, and look good while doing it.

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