We make addons for Statamic

Statamic is a pretty rad content management system. And our addons help make it even better.

It's no secret that we love building Statamic websites - so it shouldn't be a surprise to know we have also released a number of addons for Statamic.

They may seem simple, but they give so much value to our own Statamic clients, and Statamic site developers and owners around the world.

Feedamic: the Atom and RSS feed generator for Statamic


Feedamic is the Atom and RSS feed generator for Statamic 3.

It takes any number of Collections and automates the creation of a set of Atom and RSS feeds for all of your entries. Featuring caching for boosting performance and behind-the-scenes updating when content changes, Feedamic makes it easy to keep your collection feeds up to date.

Iconamic: the SVG icon selector for Statamic


Iconamic is an SVG icon selector fieldtype and tag for Statamic 3.

The Iconamic fieldtype for Statamic gives your authors a searchable select box with a the name and a visual preview of your icons. They can select an icon with ease, and the Iconamic tag makes it effortless to inject the SVG icon in to your Antlers templates.

Sitemapamic: an XML sitemap generator for Statamic


Sitemapamic is a XML sitemap generator for Statamic.

Your sitemap.xml file can be kept fresh and up-to-date with Sitemapamic, cached for performance and automatically updated when your content changes. Creating a sitemap.xml file has never been so simple!

TinyMCE Cloud: A TinyMCE Cloud fieldtype for Statamic

TinyMCE Cloud

TinyMCE Cloud is a fieldtype for Statamic that gives you a TinyMCE editor.

TinyMCE is a world-class leading WYSIWYG text editor, and now you can add it to your Statamic site. Using centralised configuration and the choice of either TinyMCE 5 or TinyMCE 6, the TinyMCE Cloud addon for Statamic gives your authors the full power of TinyMCE - including incredible features like table authoring, access to third-party plugins and rich text formatting.

Statamic is rad. It really is. And we love making addons for Statamic just as much as we love building websites in Statamic - and that goes for our custom Statamic and Laravel web development too.

If you want to work with Australia's only Certified Statamic Partner Agency, drop us a line. We'd love to chat about all things Statamic, and how we can help you and your Statamic website be the very best it can be.