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Statamic Add-ons
We make add-ons for Statamic that help developers all around the world.

Addons for Statamic

Our Statamic addons are used by fellow Statamic developers all around the world.

We love to build websites with Statamic: it gives us as developers the freedom to build the way a site needs - including allowing us to build some really rad functionality too - but still give clients an easy-to-use and user-focused editing experience. Win win!

With our love of Statamic, it shouldn't be a surprise to learn we have also released a number of addons too!

They may seem simple, but they give so much value to our own Statamic clients, and Statamic site developers and owners around the world.

Are you looking for documentation? We've got a whole docs site to help you out.

Extend Statamic with our addons

Australia Post Shipping for Simple Commerce

Simple Commerce is an incredible e-commerce add-on for Statamic, and our Australia Post Shipping add-on provides integration with the Australia Post Postage Assessment Calculator for on-the-fly shipping calculations and estimates to add to your Simple Commerce orders.


Feedamic is the Atom and RSS feed generator for Statamic 3.

Featuring caching for boosting performance and behind-the-scenes updating when content changes, Feedamic makes it easy to keep your collection feeds up to date.

Google Fonts for Statamic

Google Fonts for Statamic provides an Antlers tags for easy use of the Spatie Laravel Google Fonts package within Statamic.

It's as simple as that: Google Fonts for Statamic hooks in to Spatie's package to download, store and locally host your configured font files (and weights), and includes a convenient helper to pre-fetch updates on deployment too.


Iconamic is an SVG icon selector fieldtype and tag for Statamic 3.

The Iconamic fieldtype for Statamic gives your authors a searchable select box with a the name and a visual preview of your icons. They can select an icon with ease, and the Iconamic tag makes it effortless to inject the SVG icon in to your Antlers templates.

Logger for Statamic

Logger for Statamic makes logs human-friendly, the way they should be.

Hook in to the existing events on Statamic and Laravel (including extensible support for your own events), and render detailed and context-specific log messages with the use of event-based Blade templates.

You're able to view your logs directly from the Statamic Control Panel, and also features daily log file retention.

Scheduled Cache Invalidator

The Scheduled Cache Invalidator for Statamic allows you to use static caching, and still have time-sensitive content appear automatically.

Set up the commend to run in your app's scheduler, and when scheduled content is due to go live, the cache for its Collection will get invalidated. Simple!


Sitemapamic is a XML sitemap generator for Statamic: creating a sitemap.xml file has never been so simple!

Your sitemap.xml file can be kept fresh and up-to-date with Sitemapamic, cached for performance and automatically updated when your content changes. Sitemapamic also supports configuring your sitemap for splitting large sites into sub-sitemaps as well as including your site's dynamic routes.

Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes for Statamic is a Widget for the Statamic Control Panel (CP) Dashboard that displays whatever post-it-like content you want to leave on your Dashboard.

You can even use the Bard editor within the CP to edit and update your Sticky Notes content. Pretty sticky, hey?

Stripe Checkout Fieldtype

Stripe Checkout Fieldtype is designed for your frontend Statamic forms, allowing you to send your user to Stripe to make a payment. Maybe you need a one-off purchase, or perhaps you want to start a subscription, this highly configurable addon makes it easy to map your Stripe Products and Prices to your form.

Great for donations - especially when paired with our Variable Number Fieldtype too.

TinyMCE Cloud

TinyMCE Cloud is a fieldtype for Statamic that gives you a TinyMCE editor.

TinyMCE is a world-class leading WYSIWYG text editor, and now you can add it to your Statamic site. Using centralised configuration and the choice of either TinyMCE 5 or TinyMCE 6, the TinyMCE Cloud addon for Statamic gives your authors the full power of TinyMCE - including incredible features like table authoring, access to third-party plugins and rich text formatting.

Two Factor for Statamic

Two Factor for Statamic is a fully-featured two factor authentication addon.

This addon enforces two factor authentication (2FA) for all users of Statamic's Control Panel, with an easy on-boarding, emergency recovery codes and admin-friendly features to help manage user accounts and their two factor status.

Variable Number Fieldtype

The Variable Number Fieldtype adds a new fieldtype for your Statamic forms on the front end of your website.

With a full suite of configuration - including display format, option overrides, allowing custom input - you can also choose to use radio buttons, a select box or plain buttons with unopinionated ready-to-style layouts.

Statamic is rad. It really is. And we love making addons for Statamic just as much as we love building websites in Statamic - and that goes for our custom Statamic and Laravel web development too.

Looking for documentation? Check out our docs site.

If you want to work with Australia's only Certified Statamic Partner Agency, drop us a line. We'd love to chat about all things Statamic, and how we can help you and your Statamic website be the very best it can be.

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