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The SPASA Portal and Awards Platform is a web-based app to help the SPASA team build, manage and run their awards program each year.

More than just a simple form, each entry can have a unique set of fields - but we've worked hard to make this platform insanely flexible and powerful without compromising on business requirements.

We’ve also designed and developed the SPASA Awards website, which is a gorgeous user-facing website that updates in real-time from this platform to help highlight available categories, start the entry process and announce winners following the gala events.

We’ve designed, scoped and built this platform using Laravel and Inertia.js, and developed this with extensibility in mind to allow SPASA to streamline their awards processes from planning through to entries through to publication.

Feature-rich and purpose-built for flexibility, growth and a great user experience.

We approached the build of the SPASA Portal with these three key aims - build a flexible and future-proof platform that is great for all users, including administrators and entrants.

The platform offers incredible flexibility with a full suite of features including:

  • user registration and profile management, with role-enforced two factor authentication

  • a mobile friendly entry process, with full support for uploading from mobile devices

  • secure online payments with Stripe

  • granular (yet easy to manage) setup for each awards season, including different entry field templates, award types and judging criteria

  • online judging with weighted criteria and semi-automated awarding

  • support for easily setting up future seasons

  • detailed and thorough reports

The entire platform allows a season to be run from start to end with freedom and flexibility - and with an easy re-use of data for the next year.

What makes this so cool? Or do we mean "pool"?

Powerful setup

Each awards season can have flexible entry and judging dates - and even region-specific dates too!

The platform is fully featured with reusable configuration options including importing a base set of categories, templates for different entries fields and judging criteria, making each category's entry requirements unique.

Flexible management

The SPASA Administration team can build and manage each awards season - but can also recruit the assistance of Regional Managers who can help the users in their specific Region with their entry process.

The whole platform has been built to make the entire management process more streamlined.

Judging and Awards

Judges can be assigned to each category, allowing for multiple sets of eyes to review each entry, providing weighted scoring for each criteria, and creating a total score to find the winner for each category.

Winners and finalists for each category are assigned awards from the category's configuration - including the official artwork - and will help populate the winners' pages on the website.


To keep data clean and accurate, we've integrated with best-in-class address lookup systems to help users quickly and accurately provide their address details for their entries.

All payments for entries are securely handled through Stripe, and the platform offers a streamlined checkout process with full support for coupons and discounts.

Reports and data

Reports are available to help extract detailed and meaningful data in real-time, including entry data, judging assignments and award assignment progress.

Entry images can even be bulk-downloaded from these reports to make data collection of publication a single-click task.

Detailed yet flexible category management features
Judging with weighted scores across customisable criteria.
Deep reporting including bulk exports and downloads, including for Excel.

The SPASA Portal and Awards Platform is one of the many projects we've worked on with the SPASA team, and showcases an on-going commitment to delivering business-first web sites and web apps that are user-focused and finely-tuned.

Laravel and Inertia.js were chosen to run the platform to allow for a modern interface and interaction experience, and assist with a trusted development process that is built upon the best practices of the Laravel community, including authentication and security, functional and reliable data modelling, as well as thorough and detailed testing of the code base.

We thrive on building business applications for the web that help day-to-day business management, and offer a life-changing user experience with our leading-level support and client engagement.

To find out more about the platform and our web development capabilities with Laravel, give us a call and let's have a chat.

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