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Statamic Add-ons
We make add-ons for Statamic that help developers all around the world.

Cutting-edge Laravel web development

We develop performant, reliable and secure Laravel sites

We love pulling our sleeves up and getting our hands dirty. Dirty with code, at least.

Our talented web developers love nothing more than getting elbow-deep in a custom web development project (and even remember to wash their hands before they eat too).

We love working with the Laravel framework for PHP projects, and have experience developing modern single page apps (SPAs), robust business-grade systems and entire flexible learning management systems. While we're at it, we sprinkle in Inertia.js and Vue for good measure, to help your app feel intuitive, responsive and interactive for your users.

We craft all of our coding in-house, right here in Melbourne, and line by line, function by function, we take your idea, and bring it to life.

Why do we love working with Laravel?

Modern and supported

Laravel is a modern PHP framework that is constantly evolving with a supportive, innovative and incredibly intelligent community.

Jam-packed with quality features, Laravel excels at making us as developers more efficient, engaged and continually produce more reliable and highly performant code.

Security comes first

From following best practices for storing of sensitive data, to defining safer password rules, and all the way through to managing roles and access control within your app (including two-factor authentication), Laravel creates a robust and regularly updated platform to build a reliable web app. We spend the time ensuring your app is only allowing access to those who are meant to be there.

Tested and reliable

During your app's build, we test it. A lot. Laravel includes support for automated testing libraries, allowing us to ensure your app - from its smallest logic components through to entire request/response workflows - is tested and working to satisfy your business rules, and that any future changes aren't negatively impacting existing functionality.

What can we do?


We build business-focused Laravel web apps to meet the unique needs of every project. Including user access, bespoke workflows and object modelling, our Laravel projects are planned from the ground up to work, including automated testing for rule conformance.


When your app needs a rich and modern user experience, we thrive building Inertia.js single page apps. Inertia.js allows us to be agile and flexible with building your app, including specialised user interface design and a world-class user experience.

Tailwind CSS

We build all of our modern and responsive websites using Tailwind CSS. This helps our dev team all speak the same design language, and also keep the produced assets for your site minuscule and highly efficient without compromising on the quality of the design.


Statamic is built on top of Laravel, and we love to straddle both worlds. Our Statamic web sites offer a best-in-class development and authoring experience, and embraces all of the perks, features and capabilities of the Laravel framework to make your website do more.

The Mity Digital team are friendly, professional and totally nerdy. In a good way. We’re based in Melbourne, Australia, and have built engaging Laravel web apps for clients all over the country, including South Australia, Victoria and Queensland.

Our development team are such pros at what they do, and we include detailed scoping and planning before even looking at the code. Your Laravel project needs to work for your business – and we’re here to truly understand your business, your needs and desired outcomes. We don’t outsource our development work – our developers simply love what they do, and are so thrilled to do it every single day.  

Being local, right here in Melbourne, Australia, our team are here to support you when you need it most: during Australian business hours. We can also offer business-grade hosting to keep your Laravel app online, backed up and highly performant. Our tailor-made support agreements can also be flexible to meet your uptime and support needs.

Are you ready for a performant, reliable and results-focused Laravel web app? Contact us to jump on with the Mity difference.

Got a banana?
We have code monkeys.

Our team of code monkeys thrive on bananas (caffeine too) to keep them writing performant and reliable code that drives your website.

Our development team handle all of the coding in-house, right here in Melbourne, Australia: we get far too excited about what we do, why on earth would we outsource such awesomeness?

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