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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, and we answer

Having a website built can be an overwhelming experience, even for the most IT savvy people. At Mity Digital, we are here to support you through the whole process to help create a website that will deliver results for your business.

We have experience on our side, years of it in fact, and have seen the evolution of technology. We're able to recommended the best platform for your project's needs, but also tell you why, and provide long-term on-going support if you need it.

If you still have a question after this, ask us - we'd love to have a chat!

How much does a website cost?

This can vary depending on things such as how big the website is (number of pages) and the features and functionality that is included in the website.

Our typical our fully-featured, custom designed business website projects start from around $8,000.

How long does it take to design and build a website?

The time it takes to produce a website depends on the size and complexity of your site.

A basic website typically takes around 6-8 weeks from beginning to end.

Some more custom and complex project may take longer.

Will my website work on mobile devices?

Yes, using responsive design we ensure our sites work on all devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles.

Do you build mobile apps?

No, we don’t - but we do make our websites work on all devices. Developing an app for mobiles and tablets across the range of different platforms can be an expensive task, and in some cases can be resolved with a responsive website.

Can I sell products on my website?

Sure thing - we can help you sell products online, and set up all of the security necessary to ensure your customers’ details remain safe and secure.

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

A content management system (CMS) enables you to maintain the content on your website without any additional software our technical skill. When using a CMS, you can add new pages, upload images and be in full control of your site - all you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

Do you provide training on using the CMS?

Yes we provide all our clients with training on maintaining their website via the CMS.

What kind of information do you need from me to get started for a web site?

We’d love to chat with you about your needs - call us on 1300 134 415 - and can ask you some questions to get the ball rolling.

It’s a good idea for you to have a think about what your needs are - who will be visiting the site, what features does the site need, do you have imagery and copy available, what information and pages do you need on your site.

If you have an awesome idea for some custom development, a more detailed and documented list of requirements or a functional specification is a great start. Our dev team can talk to you about what is needed to get started.

We have an existing system - can you make our website talk to that?

The short answer - yes - however it does depend on the systems that you are currently using. The best way to find out for sure is to give us a call to have a chat about what you’re wanting to do.

Do you write the content for my site?

Yes, we can!

We work with talented and experienced copywriters to help you get your message across simply and directly. Our copywriters can even write content that can help your site be found via Google.

Can you design my logo?

Yes, we sure can. Our skilled designers are not only brilliant at producing great looking websites, but they can design a unique logo for your business too.

Do you outsource your work?

No. Our talented team of designers, developers, copywriters and strategists are all in Australia.

What’s the difference between a web site and a web application?

A web site is typically information-only. For example, you’re currently reading this on our web site.

A web application on the other hand is a web site that can do something (and requires user's interaction). For example, Facebook or Xero could be considered web applications. These are often custom developed to meet the needs of a business, but can be a great way for a business to streamline their workflows, or to even provide services to their customers. 

Our web sites and web applications are responsive, so that they can be viewed on mobile devices. But note that even a web application is still a web-based site, and not an app that can be downloaded via the App Store or Google Play.

I still have a question

We hopefully have the answer for you too. Contact us and ask away, because we love giving out answers.

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