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Quantum Victoria Learning Portal

We've been working with Quantum Victoria for years for the delivery of the online components of their programs. With changes the delivery of education during COVID, Quantum Victoria found the need to adapt their management and program delivery to offer more flexible learning methods for STEM subjects for Victorian students, from younger students through to VCE revision courses.

Built using Laravel and Inertia.js, the Quantum Victoria Portal platform is solid and extensible platform to help them keep excelling at delivering quality STEM content to students.

A feature-rich business and learning management platform

The new portal platform offers:

  • flexible content authoring across multiple delivery methods, including on-site and online, as well as conditional content based on year level

  • interactive question components, including text, multiple choice and drag and drop

  • support for in-program activities, quizzes and tests

  • support for MathML and Chemistry objects with custom-written plugins for TinyMCE

  • blocking points for mixed/hybrid delivery to stop students progressing too far ahead

  • locker management for on-site students

  • full reporting to support educational development for both Quantum Victoria and visiting teachers for their students

  • booking scheduling and management, including room and resource allocations and limitations

  • exit and follow up surveys for visiting teachers and students

  • a learners portal for completing programs

  • a teacher portal for teachers to view and manage their bookings

  • support for two factor authentication for all accounts

  • additional business reporting for the Department of Education and timetabling tools to help Quantum Victoria improve and evolve their programs, delivery and teaching team experience.

The Program Content authoring experience within the Quantum Victoria portal
Customisation for assistance to students for individual questions
Booking management within the Admin Portal
Class list management, including comparisons of student progress
Real-time marking of student activities

Tell me about the portals


The Admin portal gives the Quantum Victoria team the tools needed to help make and manage, bookings, program content authoring and a full suite of supporting reporting.

Program content can be customised by delivery type and year level, making program content be dynamic based on the properties of the student. Bookings can be scheduled, including room management and teacher assignment, to ensure their range of in-person and digital deliveries are seamlessly performed.


Teachers have their own portal to help keep track of their bookings with Quantum Victoria, and for self-delivery, manage blocking points.

As students complete program content, Teachers have access to real-time reporting of student progress, including across quizzes and tests plus individual activity progress, becoming a valuable tool to help manage and monitor student learning outcomes.


For ease of use, each student can access the Learners Portal through a special QR code for their booking, and jump in to their program content.

Content can include surveys, quizzes and tests, as well as activities and rich content throughout the program content. Interactive components can include text entry, multiple choice, drag and drop, and students can receive hints and explanations of answers in real-time as they go.

We've worked with Quantum Victoria for years, and also built their first learning management system. Through the years, the shape and delivery of education has changed, and we planned this portal system with flexibility in mind.

Laravel and Inertia.js were chosen for these portals to offer streamlined and richly interactive interfaces, and create a smooth and effective development process to help take full advantage of Laravel's authentication, authorisation and validation features.

We also considered extensibility - considering how the pandemic kept shifting requirements - and ensured the platform can easily have additional features added including new question types, new delivery methods and additional reporting functionalities.

To find out more about the Quantum Victoria portals and our capabilities with Laravel web development, give us a call and let's have a chat.

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