We build results-driven Statamic websites

We love building gorgeous yet performant websites in Statamic, crafting a stellar experience for you and your visitors.
When you need a high-performance site, with an exceptional content authoring experience, your website needs Statamic. As your business grows and evolves your website effortlessly grows with you, and our Melbourne team of Statamic specialists are here to help your website achieve its potential for you and your business.
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Meet Statamic: the flexible, powerful and extensible content management system

Flexible content management for the modern web

Statamic gives your website the space to grow, with a suite of amazing features right out of the box without the need for handfuls of plugins like some other content management systems. With content authoring, blogging, image handling, forms and search engine optimisation capabilities all ready to go, your website has the solid foundation it needs to stand apart from the crowd (for all the right reasons).

We harness Statamic’s flexibility to ensure your site delivers a content authoring experience that makes effortless sense for your site, your business, your content authors and your content. With structured authoring based around your site’s unique requirements, Statamic’s editor allows you to build, set out and structure your site’s content without the need to tinker with any HTML code – it’s so stunningly simple yet impeccably powerful.

It’s fast. Really fast.

Say goodbye to slow websites. Statamic gives your site an insane performance boost with its under-the-hood caching that makes your website fly – and Google loves fast websites. Paired with modern yet reliable web development techniques, our team of web design experts have the finessed attention to detail to deliver high-performance user-focused websites.

Responsive design 

We use Statamic’s reliable development features to help build your website that is designed and optimised for every device – from small handheld smartphones to large screen computers – including on-the-fly image optimisations to help keep your mobile website fast and lightweight. We are firm believers that every website should be responsive and accessible to your visitors – and this is a standard inclusion at Mity Digital.

We’re local

Our team are based in Melbourne, Australia, and we do all of our design and development work in-house.

We know how important it is to have access to your web developers, and we love forging quality and long-lasting relationships to work together to ensure your website succeeds. 

Did you know: we are also Australia's first Certified Statamic Partner agency.

Content management is just the start

Built on top of the Laravel framework, Statamic is the perfect foundation for your website – especially when it needs to do more. With already incredible features out-of-the-box, Statamic and Laravel are a match made in heaven, and our web developers love to utilise this dreamy pairing to make your website be and do so much more than just a website.

We love Statamic so much that we can't help but build addons for it too - we have released a number of open source Statamic addons to help other Statamic developers around the world extend their site's capabilities.

Statamic and Mity Digital: the perfect fit for your business

When you need a high-performance, beautifully hand-crafted website for your business, Mity Digital have the expertise to bring your site to life, and give you the freedom and flexibility to grow your site on such a powerful foundation.