Custom Development

Where the code monkeys come to play.

For us, web development starts with a blank page. A white space. And the potential to create anything in that space.

We love working with businesses who have an idea; a seed that can grow. Our skilled (yet user-friendly) programmers have the questions to ask to nourish your idea, help it grow, and evolve in to a strong, structured and fully formed web application.

After scoping the development needed, our code monkeys get to work filling that blank page with the markup and coding needed to make your site do something special. Something unique. Something for your business.

Line by line, function by function, we take your idea, and code it in to reality.

Quality functionality. That works.

Why take two steps, when it can be easily done in one? Our usability and accessibility expertise ensures your requirements are met, and that your site's visitors will have a positive, easy and intuitive experience.

Performance. Like a finely tuned sports car.

Petrol heads measure the performance of their cars, while at Mity we measure the performance of our websites.

We take advantage of server-side caching, minification and query optimisation to find ways to shave seconds off of your site's processing time - as your data grows, your site needs to remain fast and zippy.

You want to plug what where?

We love working with some pretty amazing third-party systems that can help make managing your business's digital presence easier.

We really get a kick working with MailChimp's API to help get your members in sync across your site and your email marketing, as well as their sister, Mandrill, for transactional email delivery.

We've also had fun hooking up with a real-time ticketing system for a cinema, developing a training and induction system, as well as using Requested content not found. for rich integration with our clients' in-house management software.

There's always room for more - do you need a web site to do more for your business?

Our code monkeys are standing by to find ways for Mity Digital to help get you connected.

Say hello Let's get your journey started.