Website care packages

We can help keep your website feeling fresh.

Pamper your website with our helpful website care packages.

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Regular updates to your website can help keep your website feeling fresh – and encourage return visits by your customers.

We’re here to help update your Mity-built website for you – meaning you can spend more time doing what you do best - working in and running your awesome business.

Our website care packages offer a discounted rate to website updates, include free business-grade Australian shared web hosting, and the comfort of knowing we’re here to help any time you need a change made to your website.

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Why should I get a website care package?

  • Website updates made easy.

    A website care package takes the hassle out of learning (and remembering) how to use your content management system.

  • Keep your website feeling fresh.

    Opening hours changed? Got a new file to upload? Staff profiles need changing? As changes happen in your business, know that we’re here to keep your website current and up-to-date.

  • Flexible and there when you need us.

    Your website care package includes a set number of hours per month – any unused hours roll over for the life of your plan.

  • Affordable.

    Get a 20% discount when you pay up front for your website care package for 12 months. Monthly payment options are available.

  • Priority updates.

    Get your website updated when you need it - updates are completed within 24 hours.

    Available Monday to Friday, during business hours. Package agreements can be customised for out of business hours priority support for an additional cost.

  • Free web hosting.

    When you’re on a website care package your web hosting is free – and still includes reliable Australian-based hosting, daily off-site backups and website system updates.

    Only available for our shared hosting packages. Excludes sites that require their own server.

We can help keep your website feeling fresh.

Let's get started

Got some questions?

  1. What sort of work is included?

    Your website care package includes:

    • Creating or updating pages on your website
    • Publishing new blog posts or news items
    • Updating other website features including image changes, social media links and forms, depending on the features of your site.
    • Email campaigns through MailChimp
  2. What is not included with my website care package?

    Every package is tailored to meet your needs, but typically the following work is excluded:

    • New features or custom development
    • Copywriting
    • Stock photography costs

    But we want your care package to work for you - if there is something that you want to have included, ask us and we can build a package to meet your needs.

  3. What are the payment terms?

    If you pay for your package in advance for 12 months, you will receive a 20% discount.

    You can elect to pay by the month if you prefer, however the discount does not apply. Monthly payments are still on a 12 month commitment.

    You can pay for your care package via credit card or EFT.

  4. How do my "hours" work?

    Your website care package is built around the concept of X hours per month. Some sites may only need an hour per month, others perhaps 2 or 3 hours.

    You can use up your allocated hours as you need them - if you have a quiet month, any unused hours are accumulated, and you can use them in a later month. Your hours are only valid while you are on an active care package - if you decide to stop your package, any unused hours are lost.

  5. What if I need more work done?

    If you use up your allocated amount of hours for your package, additional work will be charged at the discounted hourly rate.

    As always, we'll provide you with a quote before any additional work is completed.

  6. How quickly will updates be done?

    Standard content updates will be completed within 24 hours on business days. Requests made on a Friday may not be completed until the next business day.

  7. I have another question

    Awesome - let's get you an answer. Call us on 1300 134 415, or send us an email - we'd love to have a chat.

  • I need help with copywriting.

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  • I need help with my social media.

    Having the right social media strategy in place can connect your business with the right audience.

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  • I need a new website.

    We are experts in web design and development, and can help build you an online home for your business.

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  • Need a new brand?

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