Michael Scruse

Head of Arts & Crafts
Michael Scruse

Co-founder Michael has so many roles within Mity, from hands-on website building to project and client management and even office keeping. 

While working for organisations such as AT&T, General Electric and Ernst & Young Michael has gained a wide range of skills and experience that put him in a position to be able to provide services to a variety of organisations, no matter what their size or industry. Also during this time Michael was able to hone his technical and design skills that have enabled him to run a successful web and graphic design agency.

As a web designer and developer, Michael has created sites for a range of businesses including EastLink, Asahi Beverages and Wildlife Victoria.

In 2018 Michael became one of the few Certified Joomla Administrators in Australia.

With the large network of industry professionals that Michael has built over the years, we have the resources to bring in the skills required to complete a project to the highest quality.

We couldn’t operate without Michael keeping us on track.

I can’t start my morning without…

Coffee. Latte no sugar.

Outside of work I like to…

Bake and tend to Sunsava, my Animal Crossing: New Horizons island.

My hidden talent is…

I am a qualified chef and have worked in both 1 and 2 hatted restaurants.

The thing on my desk I love the most is…

My coffee cups from Mud Australia

At work, I’m happiest when… 

Deconstructing a website design and building it into a functional website.

The team

Marty Friedel

Head Code Monkey
Co-founder Marty leads Mity’s custom web development projects. Originally from Adelaide, he’s now crossed the border, and besides pumping out lines of code, also pumps it as a group fitness instructor.

Michael Scruse

Head of Arts & Crafts
Michael is a co-founder of Mity and has over 25 years’ experience within the IT industry in a variety of roles from high-level technical to sales and sales technical support roles. He is our resident Joomla expert and all round organiser.

Matt Emery

Primary Pixel Pusher
Matt is our lead designer with over 14 years’ experience across a range of design disciplines. Matt is a true all-rounder, backing up his practical creative approach with a killer attention to detail.