Matt Emery

Primary Pixel Pusher
Matt Emery

Our Primary Pixel-Pusher Matt has built up his wide range of abilities through a varied history of education and professional experience and responsibilities. 

Starting his journey with a Diploma of Graphic Art, Matt then moved onto an Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design. This combination equipped him with a strong foundation in both the technical and creative aspects of design. These were nourished further in his first job out of TAFE – a designer with a medium-sized design and print house, where his tasks included everything from design, to digital printing, offset print film output and plate making and the print finishing process. This experience in the technical aspects of design and print has resulted in Matt having relentless attention to detail.

Matt then became the senior designer with a small boutique design and marketing agency where his rolls expanded to also include comprehensive client and account management, as well as an increasing focus on digital and web design. This exposure to – and responsibility for –  the entire customer and design journey has given Matt a true versatility across the variety of clients and jobs at Mity Digital.

Matt began working closely with Michael in his design agency on a freelance basis, and then transitioned to be full-time with Mity Digital since its inception.

Outside of Mity, Matt is also a Les Mills RPM indoor cycling group fitness instructor – the perfect high-energy outlet after a day of pushing pixels.

I can’t start my morning without…

A brisk walk to kick-start the mind (and appetite!)

Outside of work I like to…

Cycle, garden, cook and bake (and eat!)

My hidden talent is…

Cycling up mountains – annually completing the insane 235km Peaks Challenge Falls Creek bike ride.

The thing on my desk I love the most is…

My iMac – because without it, a desk is just a table.

At work, I’m happiest when… 

I receive our print samples – who doesn’t love the smell of fresh printing? 

The team

Marty Friedel

Head Code Monkey
Co-founder Marty leads Mity’s custom web development projects. Originally from Adelaide, he’s now crossed the border, and besides pumping out lines of code, also pumps it as a group fitness instructor.

Michael Scruse

Head of Arts & Crafts
Michael is a co-founder of Mity and has over 25 years’ experience within the IT industry in a variety of roles from high-level technical to sales and sales technical support roles. He is our resident Joomla expert and all round organiser.

Matt Emery

Primary Pixel Pusher
Matt is our lead designer with over 14 years’ experience across a range of design disciplines. Matt is a true all-rounder, backing up his practical creative approach with a killer attention to detail.