SSL Certificates for https

Building security and trust.

Build trust with your customers by protecting their data.

E-commerce checkout screenshot secured by SSL

Give your site's visitors peace of mind knowing that any information they provide on your website arrives safely and securely.

SSL certificates are powerful background pieces of code that can help keep your customer's information safe during transit. They encrypt information that customers give you to so that only your web server can read it, keeping it safe from prying eyes.

Any time your site collects personal information - be that a contact form or credit card details for an online purchase - you can help protect your customer's information by making sure your site is backed by an SSL certificate.

E-commerce checkout screenshot secured by SSL

SSL certificates protect your customers, their data and your reputation.

  • Help build trust.

    Customers can see when your site is protected using an SSL certificate - and our higher end certificates can also provide authentication on not only your website but also your business registration. This helps build trust by letting your customers know that you are who you say you are.

  • Strength in numbers.

    We source well-regarded certificates with 256-bit encryption and signed with a 2048-bit root. We can also provide additional validation rules such as (organisation) identity or even extended validation, the latter of which can make the address bar green in your visitor’s browser.

  • Did you know?

    Your search engine ranking can be negatively affected by not using an SSL certificate. Google uses the presence of SSL (and serving your site through https) as one of its factors when ranking your site.

    We now provide a complementary SSL certificate for your website with all of our web hosting plans.

Secure your customers and their data, and have your website use SSL.

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