Social media strategy and management

Strategies to get your business connected on social media.

Plan ahead with a strategy to connect with your customers on social media.

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Social media is an ever changing landscape, and with an increasing number of popular social networks for varying demographics, it’s a big task to get your business on them all.

Building a social media strategy for your business gives you the ability to approach your audience with a planned and focused message to encourage connection with the members of your networks.

Our strategy and management packages can help get your business active on social media, and take it off your to-do list and on to ours.

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We really love being social.

  • Messages for multiple networks.

    Your audience on each social media network can differ slightly – we can target your message to suit the audiences you want to reach. We’re great at working with multiple networks including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

  • Plan ahead.

    We work with you in advance to plan a quarterly social media calendar for your networks. By planning ahead, your message can have purpose and structure to help make it land with your customers.

  • Get instant feedback.

    Unlike traditional marketing campaigns such as printed ads or web banners, you can receive instant feedback on social media on how you are doing. You can track the engagement with your audience through analytics on likes and shares, as well as engage in real time through comments.

Business-focused social media strategy for growing businesses.

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