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MailChimp is an industry-renowned email marketing platform. It helps you manage your newsletters and bulk emails and keeps you on top of responsive email templates, international anti-spam requirements, and superb reporting and tracking of campaigns.

At Mity Digital, we go absolutely bananas for MailChimp. Not with MailChimp yet?

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Email marketing to keep in touch with your customers

We recommend MailChimp for your email marketing needs, for its easy to use interface, powerful campaign management, and suite of reporting and administration features.

With an increasing trend in mobile traffic reaching Australian websites, it is incredibly important that your emails reach your customers effectively. MailChimp's campaign designer enables you to use a drag-and-drop editor to customise the layout of your email while maintaining your brand, and generate a responsive email that can easily be read on both mobiles and desktops.

Affordable email marketing

How many customers are you emailing today? What about in a year's time? MailChimp can grow with your business, and has flexible payment options based on either the number of subscribers on your list, or a pay-per-email method. As your business grows, MailChimp is here to affordably grow and help get your message out.

MailChimp, meet our developers

MailChimp has an amazing API that we love working with. We use it in some of our custom development projects to help synchronise mailing lists, update preferences, and manage subscriptions and memberships. Our integrations with MailChimp enable us to bring your site and email marketing together. Let's all be friends.

All over Mandrill like a monkey

MailChimp is awesome for bulk emails (such as newsletters) but Mandrill, MailChimp's lesser known little sibling, is great for your transactional emails. These are single one-off emails that are sent by your website.

Take advantage of Mandrill's superb deliverability and reporting, and have your website send its email through Mandrill. We love combining MailChimp and Mandrill to reliably get your transactional emails out to your customers.

We are not monkeying around - we really love email marketing with MailChimp.

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