Find the right words with copywriting

Your website and printed materials need to speak to your customers. Not really "speak", as that would be a little creepy, but the words need to make a connection. Copywriting can give your business a new voice.

You are an expert in your field within your business, and when you get really passionate in conversation, you could probably talk to anyone about all those exciting details within your work. And passionate detail is a great thing - but maybe not as your initial sales pitch.

The words on your website and printed materials are a sales tool - and they need to be carefully chosen to make a connection with your customers. Maybe it's to spark their interest; maybe it will be on an emotional level or an as-needs basis; or maybe just the right words to get your customers to pause and go "yeah, this is the right business for me".

However, there are times when you can't see the forest for the trees - and as a business owner, you might find yourself getting over-excited with going in to too much detail - but in doing so run the risk of intimidating, confusing or overwhelming your customers.

An external voice can help your business articulate your message with greater focus and clarity, as well as keep in line with your unique selling proposition to create words that work.

The content on your website is a huge part of your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) efforts too, with copy that has been written for your customers ranking favourably by Google. Find out more about SEO.

Make it write!

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