Developing on the right platform for your project

By Marty, 30/05/16

When approaching a new web project, remember this one true fact - there's no single solution that ticks all the boxes for every project every time. And that's totally fine - we're here to find you the right solution for your project.

Sometimes a site's requirements are straight forward - some content pages, perhaps a blog, maybe even e-commerce to generate online sales. We use Joomla for sites like this - easy to use, stable and flexible.

Then there are other times where a site's requirements are incredibly unique - where no off-the-shelf content management system can make it work. We have a development framework we use for our custom development jobs what gives ultimate freedom and control in how a project gets built and functions.

To kickstart your project, we do a detailed plan so that we fully understand your site's needs and requirements.

With this information, we then can make educated recommendations as to what platform is going to be best suited for your job.

Joomla, our preferred open source platform, we recommend for the straight forward sites where we can just use the system, and extend its functionality through quality and trusted components. We know how it works, and even use Joomla for some of our ecommerce and uniquely interactive sites.

inSite, our custom development framework is a different beast. It's still got full content management and detailed user access, but it acts as a solid foundation for us to build bespoke functionality for your site, whether that is a social network for foodies in a site like Let's Meet At, creating an online training and employee management platform, or integrating in with a third party system such as cinema ticketing software.

But which should be used for your site?

Well, in short, it depends on your requirements.

We have two ways to approach projects based on the complexity of your needs, and an Australian-based development team who take such pride in their coding work to ensure your site, regardless of how we build it, stands true to our values of quality, stability and accessibility.