Long-term client Quantum Victoria has worked with Mity Digital to build a website, teacher portal, online learning delivery platform and booking management system.

The Quantum Victoria website has grown beyond just a website, and is now an incredibly powerful business management tool.

For Quantum Victoria

The Quantum Victoria team are able to manage their business in one centralised location, including:

  • creation and authoring of program content for students for online delivery

  • building of quizzes and tests including short answer, multiple choice, and drag-and-drop answer types

  • managing and scheduling bookings

  • running detailed and interactive reports and charts

The features of the admin portal give the Quantum Victoria team the tools they need to effectively run their in-house, online and remote programs.

For Teachers

Teachers are able to manage their upcoming bookings, as well as book in their classes for online program delivery.

This also includes managing of class lists for easy identification on-site when visiting Quantum Victoria, and gaining access to resources and teaching materials.

For Students

Students can log in to an online program with a unique code provided by their teacher, and work through Quantum Victoria’s online program content, including pre- and post-tests, interactive activities and surveys. When they’re finished, students can also print off a personalised certificate including their name and mark from their test performance.

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