Award-winning Joomla experts in Melbourne

Mity Digital has over 10 years experience building websites with Joomla right here in Melbourne.
We know and understand how best to design and develop websites for Joomla so you can be comfortable knowing that the website we deliver is going to look and function as expected, with the right tools and features to enhance your business and create better connection with your customers.
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Way back when we first started, we spent a lot of time evaluating the various Content Management Systems (CMS) out there to find the one that we thought provided the user with ease of management and greatest flexibility in terms of features and functionality. The outcome of this is we chose Joomla as our CMS of choice, and we’ve been designing and developing Joomla based websites, right here in Melbourne, ever since.

Meet Joomla: a powerful open-source content management system

Extensive experience with Joomla

Our Joomla web design portfolio showcases our work over the years for hundreds of clients, and shows the diverse features and functionality that can be incorporated into your Joomla website.

Responsive design

Joomla’s powerful content management system makes it easy for us to build your website responsively, so that it can be easily accessed by your customers on their smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. We believe every website should be responsive and be accessible to your visitors.

We’re local

At Mity Digital we understand the need to work with a local business and form an ongoing relationship to ensure your website succeeds. We do all our design and development work in-house, locally here in Melbourne.

Come and work with the best

Michael is our Joomla lead, and one of a handful of Joomla Certified Administrators in Australia, delivering years of expert experience with every project.

Michael applies his years of experience to each and every project to make Joomla work for your business, your content and your needs.

In 2019, Mity Digital won the "Best Overall Website" at Joomla Day Australia in Brisbane for GBA Projects, and finalist for "Most Attractive Website".

In 2020, Mity Digital won the "Best E-commerce Website" at the Joomla Australia Site Awards for Donna McGeorge.