Why should you get a website care package?

By Marty Friedel
Published May 16th, 2019
It’s such an exciting feeling having your brand new website made live to the interwebs - it makes all that time and effort in refining all of those details worth it.
Why should you get a website care package?

But it’s not done yet... well, actually, it’s never fully finished... there’s always something to tweak, add, change or remove.

No, we don’t mean a constantly changing design - but more about the content, information and maybe even product imagery that your site holds. This means that visitors to your website will always get current and accurate information as your business, services and products grow and change - and fresh content will give them a reason to come back.

We build our sites on easy-to-use content management systems - so you can, if you want, keep your site up to date yourself - but we also do offer really flexible website care packages to give you a helping hand.

A website care package gives you a discounted hourly rate for updates to your website, free Australian-based hosting, and peace of mind that you have web experts (that's us) at the ready to keep your site feeling fresh. Check out the website care packages page for more details, and we'd always love to have a chat.

But if we give you that easy-to-use content management system, why get a website care package? I’m glad you asked: a few good reasons actually.

Website care packages are the easiest way to keep your website up-to-date

We work with some of the easiest to use Content Management Systems (CMSs), but we also know that not everyone wants to be responsible for their updates.

Using a CMS, while easy, can be intimidating - and while we do give you training (and a manual) when your site goes live, by the time you need to make a change, you may be feeling a little rusty. Our team live and breathe within the CMS, and are incredibly efficient and fast at making changes.

Need a new page added? No problem - send us through the details of the page, and we’ll get it added.

Change in your opening hours? Easy - we’ll update your website to make sure your customers can always get the latest information.

Had some awesome new photos taken, and want your feature images changed? Yep, we can do that too.

And all you had to do was let us know - how easy is that?

Website care packages are affordable

Your website care package is lovingly crafted to suit your website - and the amount and regularity of updates it will need - we tailor your package to give you a number of hours each month for regular website updates.

Because our website care packages are designed to keep your website fresh for 12 months, we offer a 20% discount on our standard hourly rates. You can choose to pay for your website care package in advance or month-to-month - whichever works best for your business.

Any unused hours also roll over to the next month - and while you keep your website care package active, will continue to do so.

Better still, along with the discounted rates, we also host your website on our Australian-based made-for-business web hosting, including daily off-site backups and CMS software updates.

Website care packages keep your website fresh (and looking its very best)

Regular updates to your website serve several purposes.

Firstly, visitors to your website can help gain trust in your business knowing that your website contains accurate, timely and up-to-date information. Think of opening hours, pricing, menus, imagery - whatever content is on your site needs to be kept up-to-date. We love doing this for you!

Secondly, regular updates to your website - especially if your site has a quality blog - can really help give your website some loving from Google. Google (and other search engines) can keep track of the updates to your website - and may create a positive effect on when your site appears in results. This goes one step further where we ensure any images we add to your site are also optimised for the web - who doesn’t love a fast website?

But one of the most important parts is how your website looks. When we put your site live, we’ve gone through and made sure it is looking its very best - text is correctly spaced and formatted, and matches your branding guides. While we make the content authoring process as easy as possible, it may be possible for you to insert imagery or content than could take that polished feel from your site - and no one wants that. When we do updates for you, we make sure your website continues to look brand spanking new - and carry that same polish, finesse and professionalism that it had from day one.

Showing your website the care and attention it needs is easy with our website care packages. Let us help you keep your site looking and feeling fresh, with a cost-effective website care package. Let’s have a chatabout your site - and how we can help keep it looking its very best.

Marty Friedel
Marty Friedel

Marty has a background in Computer and Information Science, software development, web development, multimedia and web accessibility, and is Mity Digital’s resident nerd.

Outside of his programming work, Marty is a keen landscape photographer, and also teaches Les Mills group fitness classes.