5 Reasons You Need Digital Marketing In 2020

By Dave Hyman
Published July 15th, 2020
Now more than ever your customers are reaching out to you online - including through your website as well as social media. But do you have a plan in place to make sure your business can reach your customers?
5 Reasons You Need Digital Marketing In 2020

Have you ever taken a minute to consider how much time you spend online? This isn’t just social media, think about how long you take to shop online or to book appointments and look for information. Now think about your potential customers, more than likely they are spending a fair bit of time online too, so it makes sense that attracting customers online should be a focus for your business.

In 2020, a digital marketing strategy is VITAL. You need to have an online presence to be able to reach that audience that is spending time online searching for things related to your service offering or product. Making sure you increase your digital touch points and increasing the number of potential customers with eyes on your product can be a great way of increasing your business and being more profitable.

Here are 5 reasons you should be doing Digital Marketing in 2020:

1. Build a brand

Building a brand in your industry has never been so competitive with everybody trying EVERYTHING to try to get one step ahead of the game. Being in touch with your customers on a regular basis is a must now and being online and marketing effectively to your audience can be one of the best brand building exercises available in 2020.

Whether it is social media or video marketing or even writing some valuable content pieces, the digital world has plenty of different avenues for you to market your offering and by doing so properly, you increase your brand awareness and allow people to notice you, when beforehand they may not have.

2. Get top quality conversions

Increasing your conversions is the goal for anyone online, a conversion being an action taken on your website like submitting a contact form or buying a product, and digital marketing is a well proven method of creating conversions for your business. Digital Marketing could involve any combination of Search Engine Optimisations, Google Ads, Social Ads, email marketing and content marketing:all of these help drive traffic to the website, making it possible for your users to convert.

The other great thing about online conversions is that with data tools like Google Analytics, you are able to accurately track exactly where your conversions are coming from, unlike a lot of traditional media where you are guessing.

3. Capitalise on the mobile trend

It is without a doubt that people are starting to use their mobile phones more and more. Instead of fighting this trend, it would be a good idea for all businesses to join in and optimise their websites for mobile phones. This is part of a broader marketing strategy and can be incorporated into digital marketing outputs such as paid ads and organic traffic optimisation.

Around 51% of users who browse on mobiles discover a new brand each month that they are interested in, so marketing digitally is a no brainer for businesses looking to grow their customer base and reach a larger audience.

4. Cost Effective Strategies

Businesses who are dealing with a small marketing budget may find doing any marketing at all difficult to comprehend, but digital marketing provides a slightly cheaper, but often still very powerful solution. Digital Marketing when done correctly can produce the best return on investment for a business, so identifying your target audience and figuring out the best channel to market to them digitally can often be far less expensive than other methods.

5. Interact with your target audience

This is one of the core strengths of digital marketing, being able to pinpoint your exact audience who are interested in your offering and advertising to them with your solution. As a marketing strategy, you always want to engage with an audience that finds your offering relevant to save on spending your marketing dollars elsewhere.

The strength of digital marketing is most of the channels allow you to be laser-focused with your targeting and this leads to a very helpful boost in revenue or leads for business owners

Digital Marketing in 2020 is more important than ever and if you can see some gaps in your digital strategy, it is time to review things and get on top of it so you can utilise the wide range of digital marketing strategies available to you online.

Dave Hyman
Dave Hyman

Dave is the Founder of Reform Digital, a conversion focused Digital Marketing agency based in Melbourne that strive for quality digital solutions and increasing your Return On Investment across multiple channels.