Helping a new chiropractic practice establish their brand and web presence.
Cornerstone Chiropractic Screenshot

Deb from Cornerstone Chiro approached Mity to design the branding for her new chiropractic practice. Following the branding we designed and built her new website.

The website provides a long home page with details about Deb, her practice and areas of speciality, plus a blog where she can share information with current and future patients.

We have also designed the entire suite of Cornerstone Chiro stationery and a brochure.

Cornerstone Chiropractic Centre logo

Deb wanted to avoid the typical cliched iconography with many chiropractic brands, such as spines, skeletons and vertebrae, and wanted a logo that created movement and fluidity, but also that felt grounded and foundational.

We took a modern approach to movement and an earthy natural colour palette to design the new 'C' icon for the site, then extend its use, placement and colour scheme through a complete range of business stationery including business cards and a formal printing letterhead.

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