Your website is not an IT project

By Michael, 04/03/20

Websites require servers to run, and they are built by (generally) skilled technical developers, but that does not mean your website project needs to be treated as an IT project.

Often when I submit a proposal to a potential new client, they say things like "I've passed it onto my IT people to review it" when really, they should be ensuring the proposal is meeting their business needs.

Proposals that Mity send out are non-technical because we focus on the needs of your business and ensure that the website supports these. Your website is more than just the pretty design you see, and does have a technical backend, but ensuring your website works for your business and its needs is your (and our) number one priority.

Your design is your biggest marketing asset and depending on the type of business you have it might also be your shop front and biggest source of revenue, so when it comes to designing and new website it should be your marketing team that own the project.

Of course, in larger organisations there should be representation from all relevant departments to ensure the project is going to meet the goals of the entire business, and this may include IT for special systems integration components, but most small to medium businesses don't have that need.

So when you are embarking on your next website project make sure you have got the right people involved and are taking care of the business needs first.