What is a Content Management System, and why do we use Joomla?

By Michael Scruse
Published May 16th, 2017
By now you’ve now doubt heard the term "Content Management System" or "CMS" for short (we use it a bit on our website), but what IS a Content Management System?
What is a Content Management System, and why do we use Joomla?

In short, it is exactly as the name suggests - it is a system where you can manage the content (pages, images etc) on your website, and the big benefit is you don’t need to have any web development or specialist technical skills at all to do this.

The other benefit is you don’t need to get yourself locked into a contract with your website developer and pay them every time you want to update some text, post a blog article or add a new page to your site - you can do all that yourself. Just think of the savings there.

If you have heard of a CMS before you may also be aware that there are many different "programs" out there and that developers will have their own preferred CMS to work with - we do, and it's called Joomla.

Why do we use Joomla?

We get asked this question a bit because, although it’s the 2nd most popular CMS out there, a lot of people haven’t heard of it.

Way back in 2006 when Michael, under the banner of web.d3, was starting out he evaluated a lot of the systems that were around and found that Joomla ticked the boxes for the kind of sites and clients he wanted to work with.

The market for Joomla is the mid to large site range, but it’s a great platform to start small with too. Joomla provides a lot of flexibility in terms of functionality and it can be built upon as your business grows. Your site might be a simple online brochure with 10 pages of content, or it might be a larger site with galleries, forms, a blog, hundreds of pages and perhaps multiple languages - Joomla can do it all.

The Joomla community is large and there are thousands of components (add-ons) that can be integrated into your site to provide more specific functionality. Over the years, we’ve built up our kit-bag of favourite and trusted components that cover all manner of functions.

Over the last 11 years we've seen Joomla grow and develop and with each major version they release more and more features which help make your site even better. Also during that time we've become experts in all things Joomla, and combined with our custom web design approach, ensures your site will work (and look) just how you want it.

Michael Scruse
Michael Scruse

Michael brings his technical, web and sales expertise to every project, backed by almost 30 years’ experience in the IT industry.

In 2018, Michael became one of Australia’s first Certified Joomla Administrators.

Michael is also a qualified chef, although cooking is now in a domestic kitchen. Michael is a bit of a history buff and is currently researching his own family history.