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What is a Content Management System?

By Marty Friedel
Published January 13th, 2020

Well the clue is in its name - it’s a system that allows you to manage the content of your website, and they’re designed for people who don’t necessarily have technical skills.

When they first appeared in the early 2000s, they were a game changer for websites. Finally, a business owner had a tool that allowed them to update their website without having to get their developer to update it for them.

Over the years they have grown and become more sophisticated and allow you to do much more - for example run an online store.

There are a lot of different CMS platforms out there and they all have their set of features and benefits. Choosing the right CMS for your website can be difficult, but as professionals we’ve researched, reviewed and tested all the big ones and made the decision easier for you.

At Mity we use 3 different Content Management Systems, and which one we used for you depends on your project.


Joomla is one of the most popular CMS platforms out there and it's best used for business-grade websites that need to be stable, extendable and provide a wide range of features and options to make sure your website does what your business needs.

It is a mature system that has been around since about 2005, and in Australia has a large community - of which Mity are involved, including presenting at Joomla Day conferences.


If you're looking to sell products online then Shopify is the CMS for you.

With a suite of features and smart optimisations, Shopify has been developed to take the hassle out of management and keep you on track doing what you do best - selling your products.

Not only does Shopify provide a streamlined and user-friendly shopping experience, it also gives you the content management control to grow your content-based website too, including general content pages, frequently asked questions and even a blog.


We use Statamic for Mity's custom development projects, which is an open-source CMS built on top of Laravel.

Maybe your site needs to integrate with your existing systems. Or perhaps you are in need of a web application - we use Statamic and Laravel to help make the management of your site, your users and your data easy, and to streamline the development process to keep your project on track, and on budget.

Statamic gives us incredible flexibility with its structure, allowing an incredibly easy-to-use authoring experience - including complex layouts - with optimised and performant delivery.

So if you're looking for a new websiteonline store or have a custom web application in mind, we have the right CMS for you.

Marty Friedel
The author

Marty Friedel

Marty has a background in Computer and Information Science, software development, web development, multimedia and web accessibility, and is Mity Digital’s resident nerd.

Outside of his programming work, Marty is a keen landscape photographer, and also teaches Les Mills group fitness classes.

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