One logo to rule them all? Perhaps not.

By Matt Emery
Published September 19th, 2018
We all know what a logo is. From everyday interactions with brands that we know and love, their logos are easily identifiable
One logo to rule them all? Perhaps not.

In some cases we recognise our favourite brand’s logo and branding just through supporting imagery and colourways. They all have strict brand guidelines the govern the way their brand is portrayed, and in return they remain instantly recognisable. This consistency helps develop trust for a brand, and over the years can create brand loyalty.

Not all logos are created equally, however. The most important thing you can do for your logo is allow it to be versatile.

In the digital age, you can expect your logo to be seen across various media, ranging from billboards to social media profile pictures, from business cards to online banner advertisements. Given the different requirements for each medium, both orientation and resolution, your traditional landscape (longways) logo is not going to do well in the strict square space allocated for a profile picture on social media. Likewise, a traditional stacked logo may not do so well in the top left hand corner of your website. A logo that looks fantastic on a white background may not look so good repeated in the dark footer on your website.

Having a strategy and a contingency plan for your logo is crucial moving forward into the new commercial landscape of online and social media.

Here are our suggestions:

Continue using your "hero logo"

For 80% of your communications with your client base your hero logo is probably still the most practical and logical choice - but don’t be afraid to change things up!

Consider options for both a landscape and stacked version of your logo

Think about how your logo can look great both as a long and wide image, but also how it will look with the elements stacked on top of each other to make the most of a square space.

Have a plan for social media

Perhaps a simplified version of you logo, or just the "icon" part of your logo can take the place of a complete logo for social media interactions - this includes both your profile picture and as a watermark on and image based posts.

Create a simplified or reversed version of your logo

Try a version of your logo that is completely white so it looks fantastic against dark backgrounds. This can also double as a simplified version of your logo that requires less colour resources to recreate when there are certain print restrictions.

Variations of the Mity Digital logo

These days, we have more control than ever over how our brand is perceived, and by developing secondary and supporting imagery, we can work on building and developing that brand recognition and loyalty with our customers.

If you'd like more information about preparing your existing logo for the digital age, or perhaps you're thinking about an entire rebranddrop us a line today and see how we can take your brand to the next level.