3 ways graphic design can help your business

By Matt Emery
Published February 28th, 2017
Graphic Design is a lot more than just pretty pictures and fonts, it drives advertising and attracts us to brands.
3 ways graphic design can help your business

The best design is the design we don’t even notice, it’s in the signage, newspaper, magazines, websites, packaging, branding and posters we see every day.

Here are 3 ways graphic design can help your business and return on your investment.

Creating a Sense of Trust

If a company looks professional, potential customers are more likely to trust that you can deliver. It can also convey a message that you are established and should be taken seriously. In time, that trust will become brand loyalty. A loyal customer will consistently purchase products and services from their preferred brand, regardless of convenience or price.

Ensuring that all your communications with your client base are smartly designed and well thought out - whether that’s an email newsletter, social media posts, or even direct mail - will show you have respect for your customers, and in turn they will respect and trust you.

Creating a Point of Difference

A great designer will check out the competition before creating your new brand identity. They look at similar businesses in your industry, at what they are doing right and what they might be struggling with, and then take advantage of gaps in the market and position your brand in a unique way. It could be as simple as using a colour that no one else uses, or a redesign that makes your products and services seem more approachable, or even elevating your brand in a way so that customers perceive you as being more premium than the competition.

Well-designed communications will set you apart, and make you stand out from the herd.

Creating Staff Loyalty

Design is not always just about targeting customers and increasing sales, it's also about looking after the people on the inside. A well-designed brand will give your team a sense of pride. Good design can be incorporated into the workplace as simply as smart looking business cards, professional email signatures, internal memos, or even novelty items (such as the Mity water bottles and jelly bean tubes we whipped up for our team).

Keep them happy and you’ll have a successful company that is run by people that have your best interests at heart.


Whether you're looking to see a direct increase in sales or just want to freshen things up, have a chat to the Mity team about how we can elevate your brand with design.