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From desktop to tablet to smartphone.

Responsive design creates one website that responds to any device. This kind of design enables you to seamlessly view websites on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. It ensures easy reading and navigation and makes your reader's experience more intuitive.

One website. Many devices

Keeping your responsive website up-to-date is still easy and fast. You can make a single change via your content management system which can then be seen by any visitor to your site, regardless of whether they're at their desktop computer at home,or on their mobile phone on the train.

Increased usability and Googl-ability

If you've ever felt frustrated trying to read tiny text on a phone, you'll understand the value of a responsive website. A responsive website adjusts its layout and appearance to suit the screen size it is viewed on, and can included an optimised layout, larger buttons for finger touching, and increased font sizes for improved readability. Google also loves responsive sites, and uses this as one of its many metrics to rank your site in its search results.

Responsive design is a Mity Digital standard feature

We believe that every website should be made responsive. We ensure every site we build is responsive, and do this for you at no extra cost. You may not browse on a smartphone - but your visitors probably do. Don't forget about them! Ensure your site is responsive.

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Create one website that responds to any device.

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