We automated Bag-N-Shred’s complete order process for a hands-off and streamlined business operation.
Bag-N-Shred website preview

Bag-N-Shred is a new business allowing customers to buy a satchel (or a pre-paid print-at-home label) to have their documents safely and securely destroyed.

The site features a completely automated end-to-end process for customers, and is integrated in to eWay for payment processing, MYOB for invoicing and Australia Post for label creation.

When an order is placed, the system automatically handles the invoice creation within MYOB (and marking it as "paid") before sending requests to Australia Post to create labels for each Bag. When these are ready, they are either sent to the customer, or to the Bag-N-Shead team, including a formatted and Avery-sized address label for the customer.

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