Web Hosting

We provide fast and reliable web hosting made for Australian businesses.

Your brand new website needs to be seen online, and we provide Australian-made web hosting to help make your website perform. With speed, reliability and security in place, our servers are designed to give Australian businesses the very best in business-grade web hosting.

Our team can help with new domain registrations, as well as DNS management – it can become a confusing world of terminology and abbreviations out there, so let us help you out – it’s what we do every day.

Australian-made web hosting for Australian businesses.

Private and managed servers.

Mity Digital builds and manages our own servers, and only provides hosting services directly to our web design clients. With detailed firewalls and data logging, our servers are made for our clients to meet your needs. Mity’s servers are built to host a specific number of sites so we can ensure we never overload your server.

  • Managed to make it easy for you.

    When you come on-board with Mity Digital, we believe in doing what we can to make it easy for you. DNS. IP address. SSL. Scared yet? We provide managed hosting services to take the stress out of managing the technical setup of your site, and can include domain registration, DNS management and SSL provision. After all, we do this every day, and it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

  • Secure and reliable.

    Our servers are located in a state-of-the-art data centre in Australia , and serve Australian clients with speed and efficiency. Featuring 24-hour monitoring, backup power and year-round cooling, our data centre provides a safe and reliable environment to host your site.

    To help your build your customer’s trust, we now provide a complementary SSL certificate with your web hosting so that data between you and your customers remains private and secured.

  • Backup. Because you need one.

    You never know the value of a backup until you need one. All of our hosting plans include automatic daily offsite backups to a different Australian data centre. We don’t charge extra for backups, because every site needs one.