VPS Server Hosting

We tailor our server configurations to run optimally and securely for the sites that we develop -our hosting is dedicated to our web development clients, and has been designed to provide high performance and reliable up-time.

Your VPS hosting is built to run your websites only - this means your sites get all the resources, all the performance, and all the benefits.

Server Security

At Mity Digital we take the security of our clients’ website seriously, and this is why we have implemented monitoring and strong safety measures.

All our servers are hosted in NEXTDC S1 Sydney or M1 Melbourne data centres and have a minimum of N+1 redundancy on all critical systems.

All servers have redundant power supplies plugged into a UPS, which in turn are plugged into multiple power circuits to minimise impact of power issues. All hosts have redundant network interfaces and we have redundant network switches to ensure maximum availability.

The data centres have been designed by ASIO T4 accredited consultants with ASIO T4 security and future requirements of the Protective Security Policy framework (PSPF) in mind. It was also designed in accordance with the Telecommunications Industry Association’s (TIA) 942 standard (Tier III).

As Mity run hosting as a service we do not provide end-user root access to the server which allows us tighter control over server security.


We have services in place that monitor servers at all times. These services also monitor the various services (such as web server, database server) so that should any or one of these go offline we will be notified and can act to rectify the issue.


Our server firewall setup is very strong and locks down the server to ensure that any unauthorised attempt to access the server is blocked.

The IP address of anyone trying to access the server by inappropriate means will automatically be blocked from the server.

Services that are not required for the efficient running of your website are turned off or blocked to further reduce opportunities for unauthorised access. This in turn helps with optimising the performance of the server.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Part of our security and disaster recovery strategy is our strong backup process.

This is part of your hosting fees.

Every night your website is backed up to an off-site location. Our backup servers are located separate from the main server network as an added level of security and disaster recovery. We maintain 7 days of backups for your website.

Should the main server require recovery we can quickly provision a new server in its place and restore your site from a backup that is no more than 24 hours old.

Each server is backed up in its entirety weekly (additional server backups can be stored for an additional cost). This backup is used for server restoration only.

Site Security

All of our hosting accounts provide a free basic SSL certificate which is perfect for most websites. Should you require a more sophisticated SSL certificate, such as wildcard, we can organise that also at an additional cost.

Server Management

Our VPS offering is a fully managed server. We take care of all the server management, updates and security. No direct server access will be provided - this is to help maintain tight security.