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    This is a name to help you refer to this brief document at a later stage. We recommend making this meaningful to you.
About you
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About your business
  1. What is the nature of your business, and what products or services do you sell?
  2. What is your USP (Unique Sales Proposition, or what makes you special)?
  3. Do you have a physical location you trade from or is this a purely online business?
  4. Will the website be a completely new site, or will it be a redesign of an existing site?
  5. Do you already have a domain name?

    If so please let us know your domain name (or domain names if you have multiple you wish to use).

  6. Do you already have a company logo and branding guidelines (colours, fonts etc)?
  7. Do you already have hosting and email accounts?

    If you do, please let us know your hosting provider and hosting plan details. Note, we don't need usernames or passwords, but just need to know the specs of your hosting.

  8. Please list some of your direct competitors' websites or other sites which you think we should be aware of and why
Your website's purpose
  1. What is the purpose of your website?
  2. Any additional information?
Target market
  1. Please describe your target customers or the audience you intend to reach via your website

    This may include their interests, age, sex, social status, wealth bracket, region, etc.

  2. Do you deal predominantly directly with other businesses, or the general public?
  3. How do they buy or have knowledge of your products or services at the moment?
Selling / E-Commerce
Do you plan to sell products directly online? This means accepting credit card payments via your website.
  1. How many products categories and products within each category do you want to sell?
  2. What payment methods would your website accept?

    Examples may include credit card online, offline phone payments with a credit card, direct debit, BPAY, EFT, etc.

  3. If you are selling online, do you already have a merchant account?

    We can help you find one - some providers include PayPal, eWay, Stripe and Assembly Payments - but there are others out there. We'd just like to know what you have set up at the moment.

  4. Do you have a 'real world' shop locations?

    If so, how many do you have, and how will they relate to your website plans?

  5. Do you have any special issues concerning foreign currencies and sales, sales tax changes or shipping?

    Let us know your plans for international sales and shipping plans (including rates, such as per product, free shipping, by weight, etc).

Technical / Site Features
  1. Will there be any online forms for visitors to complete?

    If so, what sort of information are you wanting to collect?

  2. Do you require any online booking or reservation system?

    Can you tell us a little bit about what you're needing this to do. If you already have an existing booking or reservation system, let us know what it is.

  3. Will visitors need to search sections of the site?

    If so, can you provide a little more detail on how the search should operate?

  4. Do you want a blog / news section so you can post articles regularly?
  5. Will you be sending out email newsletters?

    If so, did you want a subscribe form included on your website?

    If you already use an email marketing system, can you let us know what it is?

  6. Will any areas of the site need to be password protected?

    This means that visitors need an account (or just a generic password, depending on your needs) to view specific pages. If you need this, please tell us a little bit more about your needs.

  7. Will all or part of the site be in any language other than English?

    If you need other languages, what are they?

Video and Animation
  1. Do you require any animation, moving images or video clips?

    If you do, do you already have these created and ready to go?

  2. Please describe what you require and, if appropriate, the addresses of other sites which use similar techniques.
  1. What pages does your website need?

    As a matter of good practice we will usually include a site map, privacy policy (now legally required), your conditions or terms of use.

  2. What items do you think need to be in your main menu?

    Don't worry if you're unsure - we can have a more in-depth chat about this and find the best structure for your site.

  3. Have you planned a site map?

    Upload any maps, drawings or notes that you think may be useful for us.

    1. Do you have copy for your website?

      If not, we can also provide copy writing services - let us know below if you need some help.

    2. Do you have a privacy policy ready for your site?

      A privacy policy is now a legally required page on your site that covers how a visitor's personal information is tracked, used, transferred, shared and stored. If you don't have one, we can help prepare one for you.

    3. Do you have photography of your products, service team or premises?

      Some businesses can benefit from purchased stock photos - but others, especially those with a physical location of business or product range) really should be using your own professionally shot images.

    4. How will people find your website?

      Search Engine Optimisation helps your website be more easily found and better ranked by search engines such as Google. We can help with optimising your site for your visitors' search queries.

    5. Do you have any clear call to actions for your visitors?

      This might be a a "Make a booking" button or "Register" button. It's OK if you don't, and we can have a chat about this further, but can help with defining the purpose and direction of your site.

    6. Do you have a presence on social networks you would like to link to?

      If you do, what social networks does your business regularly use?

    Timeframe and Budget
    1. What is your timeframe for completing the site?
    2. What is your budget for this project?
    Any other information
    Do you have anything else you would like to tell us?
    1. Please provide any further information which you think we might need to know which hasn't been covered in your previous answers.