GBA Projects have worked with Mity Digital to build Time-X, their online project and timesheet system.

Time-X is a web-based app built in Laravel and Vue that gives the GBA Projects team easy access to their timesheets and approvals, leave management, expense claims and project management. Built as a single page application with intelligent client-side state management, Time-X offers a fast, responsive and intuitive user experience.

Time-X by GBA Projects
Timesheet Entry within Time-X

Time-X has been designed from the ground up for GBA Projects, built on the Laravel framework, with a Vue single page application front end, including both Vue Router and Vuex for state management.

Users are core to the Time-X system, and now GBA Projects can centralise their core user details - including next of kin details and start dates. Users of the system report to a manager (who can delegate temporary responsibility to another manager for a set period time), and form part of the approval workflows for every user’s timesheet.

Additionally, managers and the admin team can process timesheet entires for streamlined and online external review, handle leave requests and expense claims, and of course, the ever-valuable reporting of from their data, including a secured feed that can be imported in to Excel for highly customised reporting.

Real-time notifications in Time-X

As well as the traditional username and password authentication method, the GBA Projects team can also single sign in directly with their Office 365 account for faster single-click access.

The system includes role-based authorisation, with centralised policies for system actions,

Users experience updates in real-time, with seamless web socket interactions - including real-time notifications and updating core Vuex store data as changes are made throughout the system. This leaves users to get on with using the system, and not worrying about keeping their data stores up to date: we’ve done the work to make this as effortless and functional as possible.

To help with performance and incremental updates, application bundles have been chunked to help optimise the app’s initial download time, as well as provide more optimal refreshes of downloads as smaller modules get updated.

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